• 10 Reasons To Love Yoga

    10 Reasons To Love Yoga

    1. Yoga Is For Everybody

    There are no rules, no boundaries and definitely no age limits.


    Via: Pinterest.com


    Via: Pinterest.com

    2. You Can Wear Whatever You Like

    And as much as we all love wearing our stretchy pants…


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    Apparently there’s a thing called “Yoga Jeans” now, so who needs those stretchy yoga pants?


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    3. You Can Practice Anywhere You Like

    While you are out rock climbing…


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    On top of a train…

    10-Amazing-Reasons-To-Love-Yoga-5Via: mindbodygreen.com


    10-Amazing-Reasons-To-Love-Yoga-6 Via: YogaTrail.com 

    On the street…

    10-Amazing-Reasons-To-Love-Yoga-7Via: YogaTrail.com

    At work…


    Even on the subway.


    Via: totalprosports.com

    4. You Can Have A Yoga Themed Birthday


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    5. You Can Even Strike A Pose Or Two On Your Wedding Day


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    6. You Can Combine Yoga With Wine


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    7. Or With A Coffee Break


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    8. And It Makes You Feel Like You’re Flying Sometimes


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    9. You Can Practice With Anyone

    With your kids.


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    10-Amazing-Reasons-To-Love-Yoga-16Via: YogaTrail.com

    And with your pets…

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    They might actually end up loving it more than you…

    10-Amazing-Reasons-To-Love-Yoga-18Via: Pinterest.com

    10. It’s Yoga

    No matter how, why or where you practice, it’s easy to love yoga.


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    And to all you yogi’s out there…


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