• 3 Simple Mantras For The Average Joe (They Will Change Your Life)

    3 Simple Mantras For The Average Joe...That Will Change Your Life

    A mantra is something that you say repeatedly. Something that sticks in your mind and greatly impacts you and the way you live. It helps you get rid of those anxious feelings that clutter your mind. In fact, it can help you change your life significantly. Don’t believe me? Have a look at the following three sentences and consider repeating one of them over the course of your day…today!

    1) Change Happens Now

    This is a particularly important mantra for those living in the “busiest of busy lives” with the personal contract that, “someday I will do that thing that I’ve always meant to do…”. You know, that thing that will transform you into the highest version of yourself that you occasionally glimpse while scrubbing the dishes.

    Change does not only happen in caves in India, or after studying asian literature for 7 years while consuming only spring water and Tulsi porridge. Transformation is a process and the most important thing you do in your life is happening as you read these words, which means right now!

    Which brings us to the next mantra…

    2) Enlightenment Is For Everyone

    Jesus said this. So did Buddha. And every other enlightened being to ever grace this world. See yourself as light. Radiate that light everywhere and the world will become shrouded in light. Every single person can do this—in fact—every single person should do this.

    3) The World Is Not Against Me

    It should be noted that the popularized Darwinian concept of “survival of the fittest”, actually was a blip in his theoretical radar compared to his observation of the overwhelming interdependence and love that he saw exemplified in all corners of the natural world.

    If you require intellectual data to contextualize your personal experience, you might find great opportunity in that thought. When we walk through our life with the mentality of “me vs. the world” we receive “me vs. the world.”

    It’s rather en vogue at the moment to aspire towards Abundance Consciousness, yet perhaps our greatest obstacle of living this aspiration is our “me vs. the world” mentality. See the world as supportive and support you may receive.

    It is our Purpose. Go Spread It.

  • Brad Korpalski
    Brad checks his email (and brushes his teeth—with neem) everyday in Bali, Indonesia. He ended up there via a decade’s long migration west from his birthplace near Detroit, MI. The migration has been a physical, spiritual, emotional and mental ride through unimaginable challenges and adventures. Initially, it was the call of the wild that forced him to ditch an advertising career before it ever began. Really—advertising? He found a way to be outside, and then discovered a new passion—teaching kids. He worked as an environmental educator/naturalist in all sorts of locations, mostly refining his sense of what life really is. Since coming to Bali he’s awakened to a new realization—people are craving. Craving for a life that does not feel like an obligation and a stress. Craving a life that is in harmony with nature and creates community. So he and his partner Sasha did something. They started Pure Immersions to give people the support to set forth in whatever direction calling them. They bring everything they know, and often bring in others who know a heck of a lot more—to deliver powerful Immersions. Next up: Psychology of the Chakras with Anodea Judith. Send him and email. He’d love to hear from you.
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