• Brad Korpalski

    About Brad Korpalski

    Brad checks his email (and brushes his teeth—with neem) everyday in Bali, Indonesia. He ended up there via a decade’s long migration west from his birthplace near Detroit, MI. The migration has been a physical, spiritual, emotional and mental ride through unimaginable challenges and adventures. Initially, it was the call of the wild that forced him to ditch an advertising career before it ever began. Really—advertising? He found a way to be outside, and then discovered a new passion—teaching kids. He worked as an environmental educator/naturalist in all sorts of locations, mostly refining his sense of what life really is. Since coming to Bali he’s awakened to a new realization—people are craving. Craving for a life that does not feel like an obligation and a stress. Craving a life that is in harmony with nature and creates community. So he and his partner Sasha did something. They started Pure Immersions to give people the support to set forth in whatever direction calling them. They bring everything they know, and often bring in others who know a heck of a lot more—to deliver powerful Immersions. Next up: Psychology of the Chakras with Anodea Judith. Send him and email. He’d love to hear from you.