• The Powerful Beet Smoothie (Recipe)

    beet smoothie power

    Though many turn their noses up at beets recalling childhood memories of mushy pickled beets our grandmothers tried to force us to eat – beets have gotten somewhat a bad rap. Many people have never tried beets in their natural, raw state or as juice. Beets are wonderful smoothie additions adding color, fiber, flavor, and powerful nutrients.

    The Nutritional Power of Beets

    Not only are beets high in fiber but they are full of energy giving compounds and powerful nutrients. Rich in potassium and high in iron, beets help protect against cancer, high cholesterol, heart disease, and anemia. They are a good source of folate, have a wonderful blend of antioxidants, and are an excellent liver tonic and blood purifier. And it turns out, they’re pretty tasty too!

    Try The Powerful Beet Smoothie

    Tart, Sweet, and Earthy – this bright fuschia smoothie draws you in and the tartness of the lime, combined with the sweetness of the orange and earthiness of the beet really creates a well- rounded delicious beet smoothie!

    Ingredients for the Beet Smoothie

    • 1 large beet – washed, peeled & chopped
    • 1 large orange – peeled
    • 1 lime – peeled
    • Juice of 1 lemon
    • Water as necessary to blend

    Directions for the Beet Smoothie

    1. Place beets in bottom of blender
    2. Top with orange, lime and lemon juice
    3. Add a small amount of water and begin to blend
    4. Add water & blend to desired drinking consistency


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