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Get flexible, balanced, and strong with the biggest yoga challenge and your original Bad Yogi Erin Motz here on DOYOUYOGA.

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30 days of yoga in 10-20 minute long online video sessions which we send you directly to your email inbox one day at a time. We provide the classes and the teacher, and you get yoga in your living room every day. It’s that simple! You don’t need to have had any previous yoga experience, you won’t need any special props like blocks or straps, you can still participate even if you’re super short on time (classes will run 10-20 minutes) and you don’t even need to step foot in a studio. Your teacher is the amazing Erin Motz. Her take on it is pretty simple: Yoga should feel good, period. So that’s exactly what her goal is with this awesome 30-day challenge. Accessible, bite-sized videos that you can follow and use any day, any time.

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