• Full Body Yoga – Day 30 – 30 Day Yoga Challenge

    Consider this a little compilation of the Yoga Challenge’s greatest hits! We’re doing all the things you guys said you loved the most: core work, sun salutations and hip openers. Toast yourself at the end for a job very well done and of course, a big, huge Thank You from me.


  • Erin Motz
    I'm a carniverous, red wine and French cheese-loving, traveling 240 CYT yoga instructor based in Tampa Bay. I teach vinyasa flow and aim to keep my classes fun and accessible. You won’t hear much Sanskrit but you’ll probably get plenty of corny jokes, lots of core work, and sweet, delicious deep stretches. Teaching yoga has been one of my greatest pleasures; I practice to feed my teaching, but I teach to feed my life. Erin is the author of the The Bad Yogi blog on DoYouYoga.com.
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