• Sh*t Yogis Say

    Shit Yogis Say

    Yes, we know, the whole “Sh*t ___ Say” trend is so over and done with, and we all saw how it got annoying REAL fast — with all the parodies and whatnot. There’s even a more specific “Sh*t Ashtanga Yogis Say” and so on and so forth. But even though the trend  has been overplayed and saturated, you have to admit — those videos did manage to get a couple good laughs out of us.

    So just in case you’re in desperate need of laughs to start off your Monday, here’s Lululemon’s take on the sh*t yogis say. And you know you’re guilty of saying AT LEAST one of these phrases at one point!

    “Namaste, mothaf*ckaaas!”

  • Jessica Herico
    Jessica is a professional writer and researcher, scrawling words all over the web since 2006. She's a yoga enthusiast, though she still lists "no longer falls asleep in Savasana" as her biggest yoga achievement. She lives by deeply profound principles such as "no humans before coffee" and dreams of someday seeing all 7,107 islands of her home country, the Philippines.
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