• Do I Have To Wear A Thong For Yoga?

    Wear A Thong For Yoga

    Do I have to wear a thong for yoga? Almost every yoga class I go to is a big thong show. Why is it that so many yoginis wear thongs instead of normal underwear? Anisha K.

    The Answer

    Clear and simple: you do not have to wear anything for yoga. You don’t need to have the newest Lululemon pants, or a really fancy sports bra. In fact, you don’t even need to wear a sports bra at all.

    As yoga becomes more and more popular, it’s easy to recognize the fads that go along with it, and it’s really, really silly. Your Vinyasa class isn’t a fashion show. Even though it might feel like it, it doesn’t matter what you wear, and no one should care weather your shirt is too big or your headband doesn’t match your outfit.

    Yoga is all about feeling good, right? I think it’s really hard to feel good emotionally and mentally when you can’t do so physically, so why force yourself to wear something because it’s what’s “standard.” Hey, sometimes I ditch my regular yoga clothes all together and wear sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt (because it’s what’s comfortable, not necessarily what’s cool). In fact, I have a yoga instructor who NEVER wears “yoga” clothes- sometimes he even comes in to teach with a button down shirt on.

    Additional Information

    Now, to really answer your question, I think thongs and yoga pants are a popular option because it doesn’t show the panty line while still giving the protection of underwear. It’s all about what floats your boat- if you don’t feel comfortable wearing a thong, or any kind of underwear at all for that matter, then wear what you want!

  • Kaitlin Daddona
    Kaitlin Daddona is a student and member of the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps at Boston University, and will commission as a second lieutenant in the Air Force upon her graduation in 2014. The strength, structure, openness, fluidity, and grace of movement in her classes represent the complimentary nature of her call to duty and call to practice. Kaitlin completed a 200 hour teacher training at Back Bay Yoga in Boston and a 200 hour Forrest Yoga training with the creatrix of the practice, Ana Forrest. Her physical training as a part of the Air Force combined with the muscular intelligence and fluidity of movement inherent in yoga allows for Kaitlin to teach intelligent and intense strength building alongside authentic connection to body, mind, and spirit. She is passionate about offering yoga as a healing practice, especially for military members as well as for those battling eating disorders, as a return to self love because of her own experiences. Kaitlin is the author of the Ask A Yogi blog on DoYouYoga.com.
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