3 Crafty Ways to Cozy Up for the Fall

Aimee Hughes
3 Crafty Ways to Cozy Up for the Fall

It’s time to get cozy and settle in for the fall. Some of us need a little creative boost in the house and home department (I know I do), so here are a few delicious and crafty ideas to get you started.

1. Decorate with Pine Cones

This is a great excuse to get outside and start foraging in nature like you did when you were a kid. Be on the lookout for an assortment of pine cones. Pick the ones you like and bring them inside.

Place them in a large bowl and drizzle a few drops of cinnamon, clove, sweet orange or allspice essential oil over them. Put the bowl somewhere in your home and enjoy bringing a bit of nature indoors.

2. Boil Apples for Breakfast

One Ayurvedic recipe for the season that’s perfect for adding a warm, holiday-like scent to your home is this simple boiled apple recipe. All you need is an apple and four whole cloves.

Bring a pot of water to boil. In the meantime, cut your apple into fours and puncture each piece with a clove. Be sure to take out the seeds. Place the clove-scented apple quarters in the pot and let cook for five minutes.

After five minutes, retrieve your cooked apples and take out the cloves. Sprinkle with a bit of cinnamon powder and enjoy for breakfast!

3. Curl Up with a Favorite Book and a Seasonally-Scented Bookmark

One thing I’m looking forward to is more cozy reading time. Why not spruce up your page-turning with a homemade bookmark scented with essential oils that smell of autumn? Think cinnamon, clove and sweet orange essential oils.

All you need is a piece of felt from a craft store or one lying around your house. Cut the felt into the perfect rectangular shape fit for a bookmark. Then drop a few drops of your favorite fall-inspired essential oil on the felt, tuck it into your current reading material, and delight in your newly scented bookmark as you curl up for an evening of reading.