6 Big and Beautiful Yogis You Should Follow on Instagram

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Here on DoYouYoga, we talk a lot about how yoga is for everyone—and that includes people of all shapes and sizes. But in a world filled with negative messages about curvy bodies, it can be disheartening to see those toxic attitudes appear in the yoga community.
That’s why so many yogis are speaking out against the idea of a “perfect” yoga body. Yoga superstars like Dianne Bondy and Anna Guest-Jelley have paved the way for a whole movement celebrating full-figured bodies on and off the mat, and their message is catching on.
These six big and beautiful ladies are just a few of the many inspirational yogis on Instagram that prove that yoga is for every body!

1. Valerie – @biggalyoga

Credits:  <small><p class=Credits: @biggalyoga on Instagram

Valerie’s yoga philosophy can be summed up by her favorite hashtag: #SelfLovingYogis. She shares her inspirational message of self-love on Instagram and her blog on Tumblr, which features even more amazing photos and videos of her practice.

Why you should follow her: You won’t want to miss out on the beautiful energy she shares with her followers on Instagram.

In addition to the advanced asana she seems to effortlessly pull off in her posts, Valerie also shares her love of gorgeous, handmade jewelry with special promo codes for her favorite designers.

2. Jessamyn Stanley – @mynameisjessamyn

Credits: @mynameisjessamyn

Credits: @mynameisjessamyn on Instagram

Jessamyn is a truly inspirational yogi who’s been featured in Elephant Journal and People Magazine. Whether she’s writing about her “no limits” attitude or showing off her great yoga fashion sense, Jessamyn radiates positivity in everything she does.

Why you should follow her: Awesome videos that show off Jessamyn’s strength and flexibility! She’s also Instagram’s queen of “upcycling,” which is why you might see her use a dog leash as a yoga strap.

Her fun videos will inspire you to push past your self-imposed limits, but be warned: the great songs she adds to her videos might just have you tapping your toes next time you hit the mat.

3. J. – @nappybeautylove

Credits: @nappybeautylove

Credits: @nappybeautylove on Instagram

J. says it herself on her Instagram page: “a smile will cost you nothing.” Her yoga journey is all about getting healthy and spreading her positivity to others. Following her is sure to keep a smile on your face, even when you can’t get a pose to go just right.

Why you should follow her: J. just might have the most contagious smile on Instagram. Her videos are guaranteed to brighten up your day, especially when you see the joyful little dance she does after mastering a difficult pose.

Yoga is all about finding joy in the midst of life’s struggles, and no yogi on Instagram embodies this philosophy more than she does!

4. Dana Falsetti – @nolatrees

Credits: @nola_trees

Credits: @nolatrees on Instagram

Dana thrives on sharing her passion with her followers, and for good reason. Her journey is impressive, especially considering she just began her practice in May 2014!

In less than a year, she’s mastered many challenging poses, including intimidating inversions that would give pause to even the most seasoned yogi.

Why you should follow her: With her dedication and extraordinary passion, Dana is living proof that the only real limits in yoga and in life are the ones you set for yourself.

Her posts are a great reminder that yoga isn’t just about the physical benefits—it’s also a source of power that can teach you to push past insecurities and accept positive change into your life. Check out her YouTube tutorials, too!

5. Amber Karnes – @amber_karnes

Credits: @amber_karnes

Credits: @amber_karnes on Instagram

Amber’s story is all too common among plus-sized yogis, who often find that even a yoga studio isn’t always a safe space for non-conforming bodies.

Amber started Body Positive Yoga in response to instructors who shamed her because of her size, creating a refuge for anyone who’s ever felt left out in the yoga world.

Why you should follow her: Her “Health at Every Size” philosophy about wellness, yoga, and weight loss! As she says on her website, “Big bodies, creaky joints, non-yogis and beginners are welcome.”

Her posts spread her body-positive attitude and teach alignment-focused modifications that you’re sure to use. As an extra bonus, her cute dog makes a few cameos on her Instagram page, too!

6. Omega Johnson – @phatgirlyoga

Credits: @PhatGirlYoga

Credits: @phatgirlyoga on Instagram

Omega’s practice started out as a way to get a J. Lo body, but after ten years of practice, she’s realized that yoga provides a lot more than a sculpted booty. These days, her practice is all about finding your inner wisdom through a conscious awareness of your mind, body, and breath.

She teaches her students and followers how to be “phat,” which means loving yourself for who you are now, instead of striving for perfection.

Why you should follow her: She takes the same approach to her Instagram that she does in her classes, promoting self-love and acceptance now instead of waiting for the perfect conditions.

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Her #StopDropandYoga posts show that yoga is about who you are on the inside, not what’s going on around you.
Who are your favorite big and beautiful yogis on Instagram and elsewhere? Share your recommendations and your #bigbeautifulyogi pics with us on Facebook or Twitter!

Image Credit: Yoga of Color

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