EveryBody’s Yoga Challenge

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7 Days of Yoga for All Shapes and Sizes!

Find your inspiration this year with a new program designed for everybody and every body!

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It’s time to unlock your full potential! Jump into the new year with a program that’s made for you. EveryBody’s Yoga literally is for every body. No matter what size or shape!

Think you’re too big, too tall, too small, or too inflexible? Think again! Join the amazing Ricardia Bramley for a 7 day program that will show you your true potential! So, bring a friend and join Ricardia as she takes you on an empowering journey of self-discovery and self-love.

What is it? 7 days of yoga in 10 minute long online video sessions which we send you directly to your email inbox one day at a time.

Do I need experience? No, you don’t need any experience. You’re perfect, just the way you are. Of course, always consult with your physician before doing any type of exercise.

Do I need equipment? All you need is a yoga mat!

Alright, that’s all. Time to grab your friends and sign up!

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