The 7 Day Yoga Fitness Challenge

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Join thousands of others for the 7 Day Yoga Fitness Challenge!

Are you ready to kickstart your fitness the yoga way? Then join the amazing Daniel Scott for a program that will blow your mind... and your core!

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The 7 Day Yoga Fitness Challenge brings together traditional fitness and yoga to give you the most powerful practice possible. In each of these 10 minute classes, learn to move in a new way and work different muscle groups so you can be the strongest you can be. Experiment with movement, stillness, and find your most dynamic movement. The 7 Day Yoga Fitness Challenge is for everyone! You don’t need to have any yoga experience. Some classes might be physically more challenging, don’t worry if you can’t follow them right away. Yoga is a journey! Your teacher is the awesome and world-famous Daniel Scott. Connect with Daniel on DOYOUYOGA.

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