The Intermediate Vinyasa Workshop

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Intermediate Vinyasa Workshop with Liz Huntly

Get ready to sweat! Salute the sun, glide through Warrior, and fly into Crow as you challenge and transform your body with this workshop from legendary Vinyasa teacher Liz Huntly.

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What is it?

5 amazing Vinyasa sessions of 15 minutes. Built on beloved Sun Salutations, this workshop centers on body mechanics to align hips, strengthen the core, and transform your body. You’ll flow through Warrior poses with fluidity and fly into Crow pose after building leg, core and arm strength. Get your body ready to explore more advanced poses.

Do I need experience?

Ideally yes. This workshop was created specifically for the intermediate yogi.

Who is my teacher?

Yoga teacher extraordinaire Liz Huntly will lead you through transitions central to the Vinyasa style for strength, flexibility and lightness of the body and mind.  Join her on this daily journey to strengthen the physical body and transform the mind.

Sun Salutations
18 minutes with Liz Huntly

Warrior Flow
17 minutes with Liz Huntly

18 minutes with Liz Huntly

Forward Folds
18 minutes with Liz Huntly

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