How it works

Share your inspiration, experience, and thoughts with hundreds of thousands here on DOYOUYOGA. Getting started is easy!
  1. Think of a topic that might interest others (here’s some inspiration).
  2. Get started by clicking Write a post (you can add images and videos if you like!).
  3. Hit PUBLISH or save your article is a DRAFT to finish it later.

A few tips

We want to help you make your posts the best, most shared, and most read, they can be.
  1. Title — Your headline counts. Make sure it’s strong.
  2. Images — Use a great photo as your title image and enrich your post with images on the inside (if they add value!).
  3. Formatting — Use the DOYOUYOGA formatting features such as headings (inside your post), quotes, and hyperlinks.
  4. Word count — Posts with at least 400 words or more are the most popular pieces.
  5. Sharing — Your friends are eager to read what you wrote. Share your posts and skyrocket the reach of your work.
  6. Geting featured: If you select “Feature my article!”, our editorial staff will review your post and it might get featured on the DYY frontpage!
  7. Be nice: We have a few basic rules. Make sure to follow them :-)

We made a quick guide for you!

It’s short and sweet and will help you kickstart your first post on DOYOUYOGA. Read it here!       [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]