DOYOUYOGA v2.3 Launched - Better Support, More Tagging

Andreas Zoltan
DOYOUYOGA v2.3 Launched - Better Support, More Tagging

Everyone! We're happy to announce that we've launched version 2.3 of DOYOUYOGA today. The latest version comes with many little tweaks, and a few bigger ones. Our main focus was to make the community experience better for you guys. We've also improved the way you can get in touch with customer support.

Here's what's new on DOYOUYOGA v2.3

  • Tags everywhere: You can now tag your friends in comments, status updates, and replies anywhere on the site by using @username.
  • Better support: From now on, you can post your support questions directly to @support anywhere on the site.
  • Latest posts: The blog sidebar now shows the latest posts on DYY under "Brand New" and today's most popular posts under "Popular Today."
  • Better comment replies: If you reply to a comment, that comment will show anywhere on the site where the original comment is shown.
  • Comment love: You can now show your support for a comment by LOVING it.
  • Better notifications: From now on, you'll get a notification when somebody loves your comments or replies to one.

Bugs fixed

  • iPhone user interface bugs fixed.
  • Password reset email bugs fixed.
  • Passwords now have a maximum length of 20 characters.

We hope you'll love these new features. If you don't have a DOYOUYOGA account yet, make sure to sign up for free right here. It's worth it, I promise. Do you have any questions or ideas? We'd love to hear from you. Leave a comment below!