DOYOUYOGA v3.0 Launched - Premium Memberships and Tons New Features

Andreas Zoltan
DOYOUYOGA v3.0 Launched - Premium Memberships and Tons New Features

It’s official - DOYOUYOGA version 3.0 is live! You may have noticed that a lot has been changing on the site in the past couple of weeks. So here’s a brief update on everything that has been happening and a few of the exciting things that are yet to come.

Firstly, we introduced DOYOUYOGA premium memberships, which give you full access to all programs, videos, and teachers. Many of you have been requesting the possibility of getting an all-access pass for a long time, so this was huge for us. We’re psyched that premium memberships are now finally live. Check it out here:

Secondly, we launched a lot of new features. For example improved progress tracking, a new user dashboard, and a brand new mobile and desktop navigation. Our mission is to continue improving DYY for you guys every day. So we can’t wait to release new and improved features every week from now on. Here’s one of them:

Thirdly, we are doing this for YOU. So if you have ideas or feedback, then reach out! We’ve already sent out over 30,000 emails to the community, gathering awesome ideas and collecting feedback. Are you hating something? Tell us! Have an idea for a cool new functionality? Let us know! Submit your messages here:

And finally, this is just the beginning! Besides countless new programs and teachers, you will be seeing things like mobile and smartTV apps, personalized playlists, fun community features, and tons more in the coming months. Stay tuned and stay awesome, everyone!

We hope you’ll love these new features. If you don’t have a DOYOUYOGA account yet, make sure to sign up for free right here. It’s worth it, I promise. Do you have any questions or ideas? We’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below!