Courtney Klop

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Silly + Passionate Holistic Performance Coach

Portland, OR, United States

Hi, my name is Courtney Klop and I live in Portland, OR, United States.

I feel most empowered when I am surrounded by like-minded badass individuals who roll their eyes over being called "an adult," (no matter how successful they are perceived). Show me to the ones who love laughing until their faces hurt and know how to throw down some solid dance moves! I work with the go-getters, often in the form of athletes and entrepreneurs, to help them heal from mental and physical traumas so they can achieve optimal performance and genuinely love their lives. Self-care empowerment is my jam! ​I'm an entrepreneur, culinary enthusiast, nutritionist, yoga instructor, personal trainer, roller derby athlete, animal lover, writer, traveler, and educator. I'm enamored by life, nourishing traditions, and the human experience altogether. I'm determined to live a kick-ass, fun-loving life and I'd be honored to guide you in doing the same!​

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