Marisa Brenizer

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Holistic mystic, writer, wellness guide, and dog worshiper.

Crescent City, CA, United States

Hi, my name is Marisa Brenizer and I live in Crescent City, CA, United States.

I'm a self-proclaimed “Jill of All Trades”! I write and design, and I'm a practicing Certified Energy Therapist (CET). Over the past five years, I've embraced the role of “healer” and have walked with many on their respective paths to wellness and enlightenment. I love connecting with people of all walks of life and it's my passion and pleasure to guide, inspire, and empower spirit warriors across the globe. Through my gift of communication, community leadership, and compassion, I'm able to enkindle change and awareness.

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    13. June 1984
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    Read, enjoy films, and guide others on their healing journey!