A Yoga Demo That Goes ‘Beyond Balance’

THIS IS PRETTY AWESOME TOO Powerful Demo of Ashtanga Yoga Advanced A Series (VIDEO)
While many of us can stand upside down on our hands, or gamely support our entire body weight on our arms, doing so effortlessly and with grace is a skill only a few elite yogis possess.
This video, shot, directed, and produced by Matthew Troy, captures this exact triumph of human strength over gravity, physics, and chaos perfectly. Featuring world-renowned yoga teacher and athlete Dylan Werner, each frame in this yoga demo depicts an amazing self-mastery of energy, kinetics, anatomy, and will: something that only a true union of mind, body, spirit, and breath can achieve.
Now if this doesn’t inspire you to get your ass on the mat, we don’t know what will!

Music: I Could Hear The Water At The Edge Of All Things by Hammock/Video Credit: Dylan Werner Yoga on YouTube


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