Breathe Deep and Smell the...Scented Yoga Mats?

Breathe Deep and Smell the...Scented Yoga Mats?

Do your yoga mat and running shoes share the same smell? Maybe you need a solution to warding off stinky neighbors that's a little less passive aggressive than anointing your teacher's yoga studio with a smudge stick or spastically spraying Febreze at anyone in a 10 foot radius.

Trying to clear your mind and refresh your senses can be hard when, with every inhale, you choke at the stench of a reeking yoga mat. We all know the scenario of getting stuck in a particularly stinky class. What if you could get a respite from that old sweat and body odor every time you Chaturanga-ed down to your mat?

A Mat to Sink Your Nose Into

That's the idea behind Denver's newest yoga mat: the Sweet Mat. These mats, manufactured with the scent inside the material, are supposed to be subtle enough that only the user of the mat can detect the pleasant smell, but strong enough to boost the positive effects of aromatherapy for the user.

Credit: Sweet Mat Credit: Sweet Mat

Now available in two scents, your peppermint mat can give you a refreshing lift for your morning practice, and the lavender would provide a calming effect. It's not clear what the scent agent is in these mats, or whether it's synthetic or natural, but their scent is supposed to last at least two years.

Sweet Mat scented yoga mats provide the comfort and cushion of a high quality mat, measuring 24″x 72″ and coming in a quarter inch thickness. One side has a smooth texture, and the other has treading for added traction.

After two years of testing prototypes, they are now on the market for $49.99. You can also go online and vote for their new scent which they will develop and release at a later point.

Suggestions so far range from sage to bacon, but could we recommend a pizza scented mat with pepperoni and cheese print and complimentary beer koozie of the same material?

Image Credit: Sweet Mat