Watch Meghan Currie Make Airport Yoga Look Dreamy (VIDEO)

Watch Meghan Currie Make Airport Yoga Look Dreamy (VIDEO)

When you think of peaceful, dreamy places where you'd love to practice yoga, an airport would likely be the last thing on your mind. Yet when Meghan Currie does it, somehow this typically chaotic place transforms into a peaceful oasis and looks like just as good a place as any to practice asanas!

In this old-but-gold video filmed by Gianluca Montesano, you'll see Meghan moving through all sorts of backbends, handstands and inversions, and she even gets into full-on Hanumanasana in her dress.

We didn't think airport yoga could look this effortless and graceful, but Gianluca and Meghan clearly proved us wrong! Luckily there are now more and more airports offering yoga rooms, but the happiness and spontaneity of randomly practicing yoga at the airport as shown in the video makes us love it even more.

How about you? Where was the most random place you've practiced yoga asana for kicks?

Video credit: Gianluca Calu Montesano