Yin Yoga – The Ultimate Guide

Everything you need to know about Yin yoga, and why you should work this calming practice into your routine.

Yin yoga is taking the yoga world by storm. It’s gaining in popularity, and with good reason! This style of yoga is different from anything else out there. It’s relaxing, but energizing, and just as beneficial as Restorative yoga. Yin yoga is a great complement to other forms of yoga, as it allows you to stretch and recharge, which helps advance your asana practice. So slow down, take a breath, and check out your ultimate guide to Yin yoga!

Getting Started with Yin Yoga

Getting started with Yin yoga is easy. All it takes is a desire to bring more meditation into your practice, work your flexibility, and exercise your connective tissues. While this may sound unnecessary, it’s important for a well-rounded yoga practice and overall wellbeing. Find out more about how to get started with Yin yoga below!

What You Need to Know About Yin Yoga

There’s a lot to know about Yin yoga, but here you’ll find just a sampling to get you started. Yin yoga is different from other, “Yang” styles, in that it’s much more meditative. Each pose is held for two-and-a-half to five minutes, in order for the joints to open and flexibility to increase. When practicing Yin yoga, you’re working the connective tissues in the body, and allowing more blood to reach them. This has an energizing effect on the body, so don’t be surprised if you leave a Yin class bouncing off the walls like you just downed a Red Bull! Need more convincing to get started? Then check out the info below!

How to Practice Yin Yoga

Wanna know how to get started with this awesome practice? Then look no further! Yin yoga is a super easy style of yoga to practice, so even if you don’t have crazy balancing skills you’ll feel right at home in this gentle practice. It’s a wonderful style of yoga that combines postures and meditation, and is a great way to recharge. Below you’ll find some how-tos for Yin yoga postures, and some Yin poses to put together in a yummy sequence.

Benefits of Yin Yoga

Just like other styles of yoga, Yin yoga is chock full of awesome benefits. It’s got all the benefits of yoga asana practice, as well as a meditation practice! What’s not to love? Go deeper into your self, cultivate self-love, and boost your energy all with one simple practice. Find out more about the benefits of Yin yoga below, and get ready to relax and recharge on your mat.

More About Yin Yoga

Take the calmer path, and find out more about Yin yoga here! Focus on your breath, bring stillness into your life, and work more deeply into your practice. Find a stronger sense of relaxation, and check out these awesome Savasana variations! Become a part of the wonderful Yin evolution.